“Collegate”(connected) examine the connections between three women. Through their relationships, their lives are connected to space in different ways.

What connects us to the space in which we live? The people around us? The situations that we are experiencing? The place itself? Memories?

The space changes continuously in something else, contains elements that probably we do not choose, it limits our movement and requires the adaptation of our interpersonal relationships. Freedom and limit are the two necessary and constantly linked faces that characterize our life. Together we examine how society influences our private lives and reflect on the amount of space available for our personal choices.

To walk together wehave to go up, down, climb over together, we have to jump, stop, look. To continue walking together, we must have fun, wait, adapt, breathe, love. In order to have a longer journey together, we must laugh, cry, scream, you must always dialogue together and listen to one another’s voice.

concept and choreography: Michal Mualem and Giannalberto de Filippis | dance and choreography: Laura Chieffo, Michal Mualem, Arabella Scalisi | costumes: Federico Polucci | production: Compagnia Mualem /de Filippis Dance Projects and Scenario Pubblico Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza | special thanks to: Spazio Danza and Muvet and Kire asd

Ticket price: full €10 – reduced €8