Idea by Arturo Cannistrà | Original music by Francesco Germini | Photography by Anna Consoli

|Dancers Paola Tosto and Alessandro Pennisi |Choreography and Direction by Ernesto Forni |In collaboration with

Parmamusic Film Festival


“The imaginary journey of two wandering souls, initially subjugated by an infernal barrenness, who find themselves in each other’s eyes and decide to free themselves together from the chains of mental slavery by embarking on a journey of atonement and purification that will lead them to understand the true purpose of life, away from an increasingly bleak and unmotivated humanity, and to gain the colors and immensity of Paradise.


Magical places where the Eternal Father had loving eyes for a land made of fire, water and wind and where everything is transformed into an enchanting stage, where the paradisiacal beauty of nature, marries beautifully with art.”