Fic Fest

A distance to the sun

Second collaboration between the Italian choreographer / performer Francesca Penzo and the Moroccan choreographer and dancer Saïd Ait El Moumen, A distance to the sun is an investigation on the states of trance in ceremonial contexts and on the socio-cultural impact they have had and have in the two cultures of reference of the two authors.

The ceremony is a moment of collectively recognized cultural reversal, a form of venting, a form of rebellion.

The project aims to investigate ceremonial spaces, anatomical and psychophysical reactions in those who live and in those who observe these states, their need in contemporary spaces. The desire in the choreographic composition is to create a sensory and perceptive alignment between the performer and the observer, in a continuous dialogue that allows the viewer to actively enter the space and not just be a receiver of information. The title of the work is inspired by the text Muzzle of the author Billie Corgan which summarizes for the involved artists in some way the essence of the moment of trance, of ecstasy and of maximum connection with the other.

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