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Africa – Orizzonti di rinascita

concept and coreography: Claudio Scalia costum design: Gabriella Palomba | music: Armand Amar, Jaap Blonk e Yaron Engler | performers: Rebecca Bendinelli, Ismaele Buonvenga, Rachele Pascale, Nunzio Saporito production: ocram dance movement  with Scenario Pubblico Centro di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale.

“You, creators of your destiny, careless about tomorrow.You, unaware of the greatness of the nature. You, men, already defeated against Mother Earth”.

Pure land still exists, shelter for all good souls where the beauty is transformed in a bridge between the sky and the land and, there, the spirituality becomes tangible. Africa is a creation about the four elements, which give life to the authentic matter; it is the place where the overall existence is full of joy. Here, a fire burns, purifies, vivifies and encloses in itself the principle of the existence. A river flows to the bowels of the earth and the air we breathe is a life energy. AFRICA represents a last chance of re-flowering for our agonizing planet and reminds us that the life of the universe is a perpetual cycle that has to be respected.