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Après Les Troyennes

Cie. As Palavras

A 415 BC Greek theater  and a crew struggling with Thierry Salomon’s latest Les Troyennes replica. Pieces of the comedy are projected onto the backdrop. The characters play, dance, enter and leave the stage space to hide behind the screen. Thirty years later I would like to create a choreographic story about exile, memory and transmission. For this  project I have invited performers who originally collaborated with Thierry Salomon. With their different origins, they are able to express their artistic and personal exodus ».
Claudio Bernardo.

The residence at ScenarioPubblico represents the beginning of the creative process for Après Les Troyennes. Nine artists, including dancers, actors and singers, will work to create a video that will be the starting point of the performance. The images will reproduce scenes taken from some of Euripides tragedies. The premiere of the show is scheduled for the East West festival in August 2019.


a production: AS PALAVRAS |concept and choreography: Claudio Bernardo | choreography assistant: Anne-Cécile Massoni |staging assistant: Marie Bach | performers: Hélène Alexandridis (Cassandre), Elise Gabële (Menelas), Gabriella Iacono (Hélène), Cécilia Kankonda (Coryphée), Tijen Lawton (Astyanax), Maria Grazia Mandruzzato (Hécube), Johanne Saunier (Cassandre), Fatou Traoré (Andromaque) | musical composition: Giovanna Marini (songs composed for Les Troyennes by Thierry Salmon), Yves de Mey | light design: Enrico Bagnoli (tbc) | costume design: Agnès Dubois | video: Cristina Dias, Kinodoc | promotion: Tristan Barani | production, administration: Xavier Melis | co-production: Charleroi Danse, Théâtre de Liège, Oriente Occidente Danza Festival (tbc), Accueils studio/Residences: Charleroi Danse, Scenario Pubblico/CZD, Oriente Occidente | planning: Open Door ScenarioDanza 2018/19, Festival Oriente Occidente 2019, Théâtre Varia 2020, Théâtre National de Liège2020, Chaillot 2021 (tbc) | other supports and dates: Festival international Torinodanza (Turin), RED, Santarcangelo Festival (Regione Emilia-Romagna), CSS Udine (Teatro Stabile di Innovazione Friuli-Venezia Giulia), Le Orestiadi (Gibellina), Biennale de la Danse de Lyon, Théâtre de Liège | with the support of: Ministero della Federazione Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service de la Danse, Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre/Danse, SACD Belgium | the company is in artistic residence at: Théâtre Varia, Centre dramatique de Bruxelles e Scenario Pubblico/CZD