Chenapan (extrait)

Ring a-ring o’ roses, A pocketful of posies. a-tishoo!, a-tishoo! We all fall down…

Chenapan is a French word -originally from German- that literally means “ Brat”

The bodies of the two performers compete with each other in a race to the last jump, telling the spectator a kaleidoscopic universe populated by spontaneous visions and a slight feeling of nostalgia.

The primary aim is to raise awareness on a dimension of contact and game that is being lost because of the continuous virtual  sharing. The choreo wants to focus on the main social changes that see the progressive dismantling of the relationship dynamics.


concept: Francesco Colaleo | direction and choreography: Francesco Colaleo e Maxime Freixas | production: Artemis Danza | in collaboration with: Anghiari Dance Hub, Capotrave/Kilowatt, Espace Glandier (Montpellier) |residencies: Lavanderia a Vapore 3.0, Scenario Pubblico/CZD, Interno 5 e Artisti Associati Teatro Area Nord | production: Artemis Danza | with the support of: Magic. T