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Cloud + Morning Sun

CLOUD: Cybermodern youth is a game changer on every field: education, creation, communication, business, relations… How to adapt to their new vision of the world and their expectations? How to pass on values? How to inspire them? How to learn from them?  The virtual and the real have become so entangled now that together they make our world, our way to understand it, to enjoy it, to change it. We operate in a hazy and translucent cyberworld, half concrete, half abstract, one foot here, another elsewhere. As if we lived in a landscape and in the painting of the same landscape at once. Are our bodies better here or there?

Morning Sun: Morning Sun is a women’s duet, a small-format piece derived from Une femme au soliel, the third in a series of six pieces initiated by Perrine Valli around the theme of desire. Inspired by the eponymous picture of Edward Hopper, Perrine Valli continues a work of constant tension between narration and abstraction, a search for the simultaneous representation and relation between inside and outside, considered here as a metaphor of sexual relation and desire between bodies. In Morning Sun, what is more specifically at stake is female desire – Hopper’s picture shows a naked woman standing with a cigarette in her hand in a sunlit room. “We do not know if we are before, after the sexual act or if she is simply fantasizing, but our sexual imagination is stimulated by the half-done bed, the nudity, the high-heel shoes by the bed “says Perrine Valli.

choreography: Perrine Valli | dancers Cloud: Fabio Bergamaschi, Nh.t-Nam L., due equilibristi, una giovane cantante, una giovane ginnasta, un giovane musicista, 15/25 bambini locali | dancers Morning Sun: Perrine Valli e Marthe Krummenacher | music: Eric Linder, Polar | script: Fabrice Melquiot | light design: Laurent Schaer | set and costume design: tbc | promotion: Gabor Varga, BravoBravo | administration: Laure Chapel, P.quis Production | production: P.quis Production + BravoBravo, Association Sam-Hester/Arte Libera | co-production: Th..tre Forum Meyrin, D.me Th..tre (Albertville), CDCN Le Gymnase (Roubaix), Reso – Swiss dance network nell’ambito di Young audience funds, more tbc | In collaboration with: L’Octogone Th..tre de Pully in the context of Les Printemps de S.velin, Th..tre Forum Meyrin, Th..tre du Crochetan (Monthey), Festival Le Grand Bain (Roubaix), D.me Th..tre (Albertville), Young Dance Festival (Zug), Casino Theater (Zug), Casino Th..tre de Rolle, more tbc | residenze: CDCN Le Gymnase (Roubaix), La maison des compagnies (Meyrin), D.me Th..tre (Albertville), Scenario Pubblico/CZD (Catania), les studios de l’ADC (Genève)