Spettacolo fuori abbonamento - Kids

Costellazioni. Pronti, Partenza … Spazio!

A show dedicated to the discovery of the Universe. An imaginative and playful journey that starts from the Earth to go towards the stars. After years and years of studies and monitoring space, finally the invention of the century has arrived: the Space Carriage to start looking for a place similar to the Earth. Through this journey between planets and celestial bodies, we can live the dance of the Constellations. In a playful, ironic and poetic way, the journey will become an invitation to take better care of our world.


a creation of: Savino Italiano, Olga Mascolo, Anna Moscatelli e Giorgio Rossi |choreographic ideation and artistic direction: Giorgio Rossi | performers: Savino Italiano, Olga Mascolo e Anna Moscatelli | light design: Andrea Margarolo | technical execution: Piermarco Lunghi, Tea Primiterra | scene objects: Bruno Soriato | production: Associazione Sosta Palmizi e I Nuovi Scalzi | with the support of: MiBAC/ Direzione generale per lo spettacolo dal vivo; Regione Toscana/Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo, Armunia, Sistema Garibaldi, Azioni in Danza |thanks: Associazione Explorer, Elena Lazzaretto, La Baracca Testoni Ragazzi, Flavia Marini