Duo d’Eden

MAGUY MARIN | MM Contemporary Dance Company

Choreography and score: Maguy Marin | remounted choreography: Cathy Polo, Ennio Sammarco | costumes: Montserrat Casanova | lights: Pierre Colomer | repeating masters: Paolo Lauri, Enrico Morelli | performers: Emiliana Campo, Nicola Stasi.

“Eden is a dance full of strength and beauty, perhaps because of what is natural emanates from the movement of purity and precision of gesture, from the almost plastic figures, from the power of the bodies. It is from there that the emotion arises. From this sobriety that reveals the essential. If love is a dance, it is surely Eden.”

Yasmine Tigoe.

In Duo d’Eden two MMCDC dancers interpret with style and mastery a rarely beautiful, original, very difficult and articulate piece. Simply a man and a woman, flesh-colored jumpsuits highlighting their nudity, very long hair wig for her, clinging to each other throughout the piece, with continuous evolutions of her on his body. An Adam and Eve immersed in a journey of sensuality, eros, defense, attack, in a not so peaceful, safe and idyllic world. A poetic and intense piece.