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Compagnia Fattoria Vittadini

Idea and choreography: MariaGiulia Serantoni | dancers: Cesare Benedetti, Chiara Ameglio, Maria Focaraccio | dramaturgy: Irene Pozzi | costumes: Arianna Fantin | original music and live performance: Stella Sesto | sound engineer: Andrea Parolin | scenographic Conception: MariaGiulia Serantoni, Giacomo della Maria, Luca Negri | design and scenographic realization: Luca Negri | production: Riccardo Oliver

Eutropia is a possible city – a space to be designed.
It is a container of ideas and reflections, words, actions, and sounds.
The city participates in the life of its inhabitants, for whom ‘to build’ means to decide, to create through imagination. The choreography reflects about “inhabit”, stimulating to rethink the surrounding environment. The project, created between Berlin and Milan, stems from the author's need to address the feeling of precariousness that one feels towards the future in a constructive way. The show breaks the chain of anxiety that this uncertainty generates, in order to reinvent and design the world. The show speaks of building, deconstructing and reconstructing, and does so through a research
on movement and composition centred on the use of a stage object designed to fit this specific purpose. The stage object is a table that can be assembled and disassembled, and is capable of emitting sounds thanks to an especially adapted software that, through microphones, reacts to the actions of the dancers. The dancers, inhabitants of the imaginary city, compose, through
their interaction with the table, a new world made of sound, dynamics and visions. This is how the dancer becomes a builder, musician and composer. He has the possibility and therefore the responsibility to interact with the object, defining sounds and modifying the scene in dynamics and space. The artistic residency A CASA will further enrich the research related to environments and habitats, adding new stimuli and inspirations.