Membership Performance

Family Journey

We’ve been told:

“You are a family. Stick together and you‘ll be the happiest family in the world. You can have everything in the world. If you truly wish it.”

We witness a family event where peculiar stories and obsessions of individual characters come to the light of the day. The unusual emerges in the form of a magical physical adventure.

This project challenges dancers’ physical limitations leading to a unique, attractive physical expression. This conjures up caricatures of all performers – part of an unusual, unpredictable and loving family.


concept and choreography: Anton Lachky, Eleonore Val.re Lachky | dancers: Anna Karenina Lambrechts, Pavel Mašek, Angel Duran Muntada | special guest: Ioulia Zacharaki | costumi: Anton Lachky | light design: Jan Tomšů | suono: Tom.š Novotný | premiere: november 2017, Ponec – The Dance Venue, Prague,Czech Republic | artistic director at DOT504: Mgr. Lenka Ottov. | production: Jana Martinu, DOT504 Dance Company | co-production: Tanec Praha/Ponec – The Dance Venue | with the support of: City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Artist‘s Life Foundation, Tanec Praha / Ponec – The Dance Venue, Dance Perfect Studio