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The Three of Us


Project curated by Collective SicilyMade | concept, choreography, performers: Amalia Borsellino, Silvia Oteri, Marta Greco | external eye: Simona Miraglia | original music: Andrea Cable | photos: Giovanna Mangiù | a production: INARTE | CSM | in collaboration with: Performare Festival, Scenario Pubblico/ Centro Di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale | with the support of: Sicilian Region Ass.to of Tourism, Sports and Entertainment | winner of the Call for Proposals promoted by MIC and SIAE, “Le Città Visibili” handing down emancipation, as part of the “For Those Who Create” program.

Who says Woman? (…)
half-hearted popular saying

And many more of these clichés would suffice to compose the synopsis of this project. In what ways is it possible to subvert that unwritten rule that sees women fulfilled only if they respect, fulfill, or accomplish what society somehow expects of them? How is the woman’s autonomy of choice, unencumbered by judgment, revealed? The obvious connection between the verbal and nonverbal is set in interaction with the research and spontaneity of movement. The result is a dance that comes from a private literature, which becomes an instrument to narrate this escape | Escape, me that is, after all, nothing more than an expression of freedom. We asked ourselves a series of questions that we would call almost ontological, and we decided to answer this age-old question, in our own way, with irony.

(…) Says Damage
Other Half

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