FICWorkDance 2023

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From Sunday 7 to Saturday 13 May 2023, as part of the 4th edition of the FIC Festival, Scenario Pubblico presents the FICWorkDance, an intensive week of workshops with different choreographers and teachers:

choreographer / Matter Affects Foundation (NL) – choreographic lab

dancer and assistant /Compagnia Zappala’ Danza – ballet classes

dancer and assistant / Compagnia Zappala’ Danza –  MoDem choreographic language by CZD

choreographer and director / Compagnia Petranuradanza – choreographic lab


An exclusive opportunity to get to know some of the associated choreographers of Scenario Pubblico and connect with the MoDem language and Roberto Zappalà’s repertoire.


Participation to the entire workshop, which will be held every morning from 9:30 to 13:15, has an exceptional cost of only €100.00, and can only be accessed via online selection.

Participate at the selections for the FIC Festival 2023 Workshop! submit your application here: https://tally.so/r/n0dOoB

Registration provides for a single formula for all the 7 days of workshop and may be a reason for the selection for the next MoDem program

Places are limited!
max 30 participants



7/8 May

9.30 – 11.00  Maud de la Purification – ballet
11.15 – 13.15  Samir Calixto – choreographic lab

9/10/11 May

9.30 – 11.00 Maud de la Purification – ballet
11.15 – 13.15  Fernando Roldan Ferrer – choreographic lab

12 May

9.30 – 11.00 Maud de la Purification – ballet
11.15 – 13.15 Salvatore Romania – choreographic lab

13 May

14.30 – 16.00  Maud de la Purification – ballet
16.16 – 18.15  Salvatore Romania – choreographic lab




SAMIR CALIXTO (choreographic lab)
Samir Calixto was born in São Paulo, Brazil. He pursued other paths in the performing arts before embarking on his career as a dancer. He moved to Europe in 2004, getting in touch with the rich European dance scene and establishing himself as one of the leading independent choreographers active in Europe. He works as a choreographer for Korzo Productions, the largest dance production house in the Netherlands and one of the most important in Europe, until 2020.
Since 2021 Calixto has launched Matter Affects, an initiative in collaboration with Stacz Wihelm, former artistic director of the Korzo Theater. The foundation, which is based in the Netherlands and collaborates with other European theatres, intends to support the initiatives of other expert independent choreographers.
Among the awards received the nomination for most significant choreography at the “ZWAAN” – the most important Dutch dance award – for his creation ‘4 seasons’, in 2014 Calixto was the first to receive the BNG Excellent Talent Dance Award (NL) an award for outstanding choreographic talent, plus his creation ‘Paradise Lost’ was also awarded with a special mention at the BNG Cultural Fonds Jubileum. He created ‘M’, a co-production with Nederlands Dans Theatre. He is choreographer associated with Scenario Pubblico since 2018.

She was born in 1983 in Toulouse and she studied at the National School of Marseille and at the Conservatoire National of Toulouse. She started to work in France first with the Ballet National of Marseille and then with the Ballet du Capitole of Toulouse until 2005. From 2006 to 2009 she worked with the Nederlands Dans Theater II in Holland and then danced as a freelancing artist for Sidra Bell in New York and Hiroaki Umeda in Berlin. She started to collaborate as a dancer with Compagnia Zappalà Danza in August 2011, and since then she participated to all productions of the company till today. Recently she participated to the project Three Times Rebel by Marina Mascarell, 2017 production. In the last years she started her own choreographic research, and she produced in March 2018 her creation Siamo for the young company CZD2. She is assistant of Roberto Zappalà and teacher of the MoDem Language by Compagnia Zappalà Danza

FERNANDO ROLDAN FERRER (MoDem Language by Compagnia Zappalà Danza)
Fernando Roldan Ferrer was born in Almeria (Spain) in 1984. He started to study flamenco and Spanish dance at the Conservatorio de Musica y Danza in Almeria (Spain). In 2002 he received a scholarship for the participation to Contemporary Dance classes and workshops at the C.A.D in Seville. In 2005, he collaborated as a dancer with the Cie. Coline at Istres (Marseille). In 2006 he has been selected to participate to the specializing training course MoDem Atelier in Catania (Italy), produced by Compagnia Zappalà Danza. Since then, he collaborates permanently with Compagnia Zappalà Danza as a dancer and assistant for all the productions. He also collaborated as a dancer with other dance companies, among them Petranura Danza by Salvatore Romania and Laura Odierna, Cie. Deja Donné by Simone Sandroni and the company Ariella Vidach – Aiep by Ariella Vidach and others. He started his choreographic experimentation in 2011. In the last years Fernando collaborated with Roberto Zappalà as assistant and teacher of the MoDem language – language of Compagnia Zappalà Danza.He is also the director of the MoDem Atelier program, produced by Scenario Pubblico CZD/ Centro di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale

SALVATORE ROMANIA (choreographic lab)
Choreographer of the Petranuradanza Company, he proposes a versatile and original choreographic language, purified of any affectation, supported by years of study and research on the possible origins and evolutions of the movement, in which the body is the “text” and in the same body is also the “context” ”, to be explored through musicality and body dynamism.
He is the Artistic Director of the Incontri Internazionali Festival of contemporary dance, of the Incontroscena review and of the Naranji dance Festival. He has choreographed several works including the most intense “L’inquieta” (freedom) which debuted at the Milanoltre Festival in 2021 with great appreciation from critics and the public, “Sciara” guest of Scenario Pubblico Centro di Rilevante interesse Nazionale, “Ma – shalai” for the Oriente Occidente Festival and awarded by Ismael Ivo at the Venice Biennale competition, “Agamemnon criminal case” at the Aterballetto Foundation, and again “L’albero di limoni”, “Infinitamente small”, “Respiro”, “Frammenti di un amorous discourse”, “Agua”. He has danced in various international reviews and festivals, holds lessons and internships in Italy and abroad. Historical dancer of the Compagnia Zappalà Danza and associated Artist at Scenario Pubblico for the three-year period 22-24.