Fight or Flight | Chiara Frigo

Chiara Frigo (IT)

Fight or Flight

Chiara Frigo company

choreography and direction: Chiara Frigo | Light design: Moritz Zavan Stoeckle | dramaturgy: Riccardo de Torrebruna | production: Zebra Cultural Zoo | scene and visual designer: Diego Pavoncelli

Fight or Flight starts from an investigation into the Maxi-Emergency protocols, i.e. those procedures that are implemented in the event of catastrophic events. The show arises from a given condition: a fire flares up and devours everything it encounters. Fire is here an element of rupture, capable of decreeing the fate of all the existences it encounters. As in the most ancient traditions, it represents the primordial force that dominates the world, from which everything comes and to which everything will return. On the scene a group of people: they are that people, that tribe that finds itself struggling, dealing with losses, and wondering where to start again. Immersed in a great silence. And like the end of many ancestral sufferings, this event of enormous magnitude can be a great healing from an ancient evil that concerns us