Fic Fest


(the language of the articular heart)

Concept and choreography: Giovanna Velardi | Performers: Federica Aloisio, Valentina Iaia, Silvia Oteri, Giovanna Vealrdi, Valeria Zampardi Original music live played: Angelo Sicurella | Costumes: Dora Argento | Conception and realization of the noses: Paolo Roberto D’Alia  | Lights Danila Blasi

Production PinDoc / Produzione e Promozione Danzacontemporanea | with the support of Mibac and Regione Siciliana


On stage a musician and five dancers. A piece, Flexing Heart, which comes from Giovanna Velardi’s research and her reflection on the body center, from the idea of the active, stable, energetic but also flexible body center. Flexing Heart deals with the polarity between homologation and diversity. The latter often considered madness, marginality to a system, here it becomes the bearer of energy that infects, which embodies the vitality of a child. Outstanding noses remind us that it is all a lie, they characterize the performers and amplify their intentions, but above all they highlight this polarity: how often we judge fool someone who is outside the system just to feel ourselves to be part of a social sphere and to be accepted. Give voice to the vital energy, do not let it suffocate, this makes our character a bit crazy and a little child, with its explosive power. Explosive like the music conceived and played live by Angelo Sicurella.


full ticket 12 euros / reduced 10 euros (under 23, over 65, students)