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FOCUS Young Mediterranean and Middle East Choreographers 2018

For the season of ScenarioDanza 2018/19 we are pleased to collaborate with the Tunisian choreographer, operative in France but internationally renowned, Seifeddine Manai. For the occasion, Seifeddine works with the dancers of the MoDem PRO program of Zappalà Danza Company, carrying out urban dance actions in non-usual places, with the collaboration of the playwright Marion Castaillet Dhomps.

Specifically, thanks to the collaboration with the Castello Ursino Museum, the dancers lighten up the atmosphere with installations and solos in an exchange of Beauty between visual art and performing arts .
The artist joins FOCUS Young choreographers of the Mediterranean and Middle East 2018, which involves the interaction of fourteen Italian festivals and festivals.

The project is funded by MiBACT, and the Italian Cultural Institutes of Heritage. It is part of the initiative Italy, Culture, Mediterranean promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Seifeddine will come back to Italy in May 2019 in the frame of the FIC Fest with new performances to make us reflect  on the idea of ​​exchange between the Mediterranean and Europe.