Spettacolo in abbonamento

Half the Truth

It is

their brilliance

their virtuosity

and belief that the human body has the power to express emotion

They are not afraid to feel, perform, sweat and risk.

The substance of this performance is the Body we do not know

It is not about knowing at all

This Performance is a mapping device for the landscape of the Unknown

It is not what we premeditate, what we conceptualize

It remains rather a mystery

It is about their body on the edge of the Impossible.

Where too much is not enough for being on stage.

It is about daring to disagree with the agreement to entertain.

Jozef Frucek


creation and execution: Linda Kapetanea, Edivaldo Ernesto | dramaturgy and set design: Jozef Frucek | original music: Vassilis Mantzoukis | light design: Periklis Mathielis | sound design: Christos Parapagidis | costume design: Isabelle Lhoas | photo and video: Mike Rafail | production: Rootless Root | production design: Konstantinos Sakkas | production management: Delta Pi | distribution: Liartem S.R.O. | with the support of: Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport