I linguaggi del corpo /Oltre le barriere per raccontare l’umanità

I LINGUAGGI DEL CORPO / oltre le barriere per raccontare l’umanità

Scenario Pubblico project on body languages from the call for young people for the social, co-financed by the Prime Minister’s Office.


Scenario Pubblico |Compagnia Zappalà Danza – Centro di Rilevante Interesse recognized by the MiC and based in Catania, in addition to an intense international activity that distinguishes it is active in the territory with an articulated and committed planning and for some years has intensified collaborations with partners in the territory, even in more disadvantaged areas. It is in this context that the project ‘i linguaggi del corpo/ oltre le barriere per raccontare l’umanità’ was born, a project that won the ‘Giovani per il Sociale’ (Youth for the Social) call, promoted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The languages of the body, a project launched in 2021, will end in June 2023 and aims to enhance youth excellence in the field of dance and video dance through a two-year course that pursues professional inclusion, integration among minorities, ethnic groups and disadvantaged youth, trying to bridge the social gap, while also encouraging youth employment in the cultural sectors, and exploring the full potential of contemporary dance and MoDem language as a tool for encounter, inclusion, integration, and overcoming linguistic, cultural, religious, economic, and social barriers.

The project was articulated over the two-year period by alternating different activities, in particular several workshops on body languages, a path for dance videomakers, and numerous cross-workshop meetings with different partners and types of direct and indirect users and beneficiaries. The workshops addressed different target audiences, young students, migrants, dancers, social workers, young videomakers.

The cycle of workshops on body languages, held by the dancers of Compagnia Zappalà Danza, is based on the language MoDem (acronym for “Democratic Movement”) developed by Roberto Zappalà in over 30 years of choreographic activity. The workshop aims to mature in participants a deep bodily and psychological awareness, develop a sense of belonging to the territory, refine relational and interaction skills, and stimulate and increase creative, perceptual and organizational skills.

The project also aims to sensitize young participants to issues of social inclusion and collaboration with minorities through vocational training that promotes integration. The workshops were held over the two-year period at the locations of various partners in the area, specifically at Cooperativa Prospettiva, Consorzio “il Nodo,” Save the Children / Civico Zero Catania, Liceo Coreutico “Angelo Musco” Catania, Associazione Penelope, Associazione Trame di Quartiere, Liceo Coreutico Turrisi Colonna.

The workshop for dance videomakers, on the other hand, offered young participants selected through a public call for proposals, the opportunity to carry out an experiential journey of discovery of video dance with new perspectives arising from the unprecedented combination of technical skills, intuition and cross-use of languages and stylistic codes related to this art form (movement, sound and image), thanks to the guidance and confrontation with professionals in the field: artists, experts, choreographers/performers and directors/ videomakers followed the work of the participants. The workshop aims to professionalize users in the specific field of video dance. Sunthetic (Catania), Coorpi of Turin and Cro.me – Cronaca e Memoria dello Spettacolo of Milan curated the dance videomaker section.

Several short films were produced over the two-year period using choreographic materials made by the young participants themselves.

The films will be premiered on May 11, 2023 during the FIC Festival at Scenario Pubblico, Catania. On the same evening, when an extensive focus will be devoted to the project, a return performance by participants in the ‘body languages’ workshops is also scheduled. Speakers will include Luca Recupero (project coordinator), Silvia Oteri and Marta Greco (curators of the body languages workshops), Laura Schilirò and Riccardo Napoli (curators of the dance videomaking workshop), Enrico Coffetti/Cro.me and Lucia Carolina De Rienzo d/ Coorpi (consultants for the dance videomaking workshops).

I linguaggi del corpo is a project co-financed by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department for Youth Policy and Universal Civil Service, as part of the Action and Cohesion Plan – Notice “Giovani per il Sociale ed.2018”

Project realized by Scenario Pubblico in collaboration with Cro.me Cronaca e Memoria dello Spettacolo (Milan), Coorpi (Turin), Sunthetic (Catania).

Project partners:

Cooperativa Prospettiva, “il Nodo” Consortium, Save the Children / Civico Zero Catania, Liceo Coreutico “Angelo Musco” Catania, Associazione Penelope, Associazione Trame di Quartiere, Liceo Coreutico Turrisi Colonna, FCE.


project coordination: Luca Recupero

dance coordination: Silvia Oteri and Marta Greco

dance project assistance: Lanciné Koussoube

videomaking coordination: Laura Schilirò and Riccardo Napoli (Sunthetic)

external videomaking consulting: Enrico Coffetti, Paolo Favaro, Marco Longo, Lucia Carolina de Rienzo

dramaturgical consulting Nello Calabrò

moderates the meeting Sofia Bordieri