ISOLA/E_singolare e plurale

a stage of the I-SOLA project

collective SicilyMade

concept Simona Miraglia and Novella Oliana

choreography and interpretation Simona Miraglia

ART / CSM production

[What happens if the space of action is delimited to the point of including only the seat of a chair?]

In 2018 I-SOLA was born as a choreographic project by Simona Miraglia that started from a research on the concept of island under multiple declinations. In agreement with the visual artist Novella Oliana, the project aims to explore physical thinking through image and gesture.

Isola/e_singola, plurale (Island/s _singular, plural) is a new stage of the project and which, starting from the current emergency situation, finds a new concept and lifeblood in the dialogue between body, space and gaze. The concept of island-device is explored as a physical place and as a symbolic construction, as a border and at the same time a threshold that opens up new potentials for perceiving space. The shape of the island is considered to be the projection of our thought and desire: according to Lacan, it is the “shape of the shape” of our perceptual experience.

From body to image, performative research explores gesture and space by actively meeting the gaze of the public. The latter, through an interactive approach, will not be a mere spectator, but will become co-creator of the performance in an archipelago of points of view, shaping a process of continuous transformation. The body experience and the gaze are decomposed and recomposed by exploring the possibilities related to the limit, the moods it produces and its mythological meaning, influencing the movement of the body and the plasticity of the images.

The performance, which takes the name of Nanogarden, will be performed on the occasion of the South Italy Architecture Festival in the Riad Garden, the garden of Farm Cultural Park. Everything will be organized in such a way as to guarantee social distancing.