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Kairos / Corpo Cage

COLLECTIVE MODEM CZD – young compagnia zappalà danza

Kairos (prima assoluta) /coreografia Amos Ben-Tal

Corpo Cage / coreografia Roberto Zappalà

An evening composed of two different moments, by the original choreography Kairos by Amos Ben-Tal and Corpo Cage, a creation from the repertoire of Compagnia Zappalà Danza. On stage, the dancers of the young collective MoDem CZD.

For KAIROS, the collective MoDem CZD had the opportunity to work with Amos Ben-Tal, an artist supported by the Dutch structure Korzo Productions (NL), partner of Scenario Pubblico in the European network DQD Danse Qui Danse. With ‘Kairos’ choreographer and musician Amos Ben-Tal continues his current exploration of the dualities that arise from time-keeping. People all over the world count time in the same way, but to each of us time feels very different. Keeping time is therefore both objective and subjective, both universal as well as personal. ‘Kairos’ forms a part of the ongoing project titled ’60’ that Amos is working on together with his own group OFFprojects as well as with various companies.

Created in 2009 for the Dutch structures Foundation Theaterwerkplaats General Oost and ArtEZ Arnhem and for Pergine Spettacolo Aperto, Corpo Cage stimulated the interest of Roberto Zappalà in exploring the music of John Cage who has always been for the choreographer inspiring of dialogue space-body very crystalline and pure. On the occasion of the Dutch debut, the music was specially created by Paula Matthausen, who, with a very personal research, links up with Cage in the timbre exploration.

The MoDem CZD Collective is the young zappalà danza company, composed by dancers selected from the MoDem PRO program. The collective increasingly proves to be a valid creative tool for the new generation of choreographers, who, supported by our National Dance Production Center, show a special interest in employing the young dancers of the MoDem CZD, possessing excellent technical qualities as well as sensitivity and vigor, indispensable sources in the new dynamics and creative methodologies.


KAIROS choreography and music: Amos Ben-Tal | assistant: Milena Katharina Twiehaus | a co-production Scenario Pubblico/CZD and Korzo Productions (Den Haag, NL)

CORPO CAGE choreography Roberto Zappalà | music Paula Matthusen | assistant: Fernando Roldan Ferrer |  a production by Scenario Pubblico CZD in collaboration with Stichting Theaterwerkplaats Generale Oost, ArtEZ Arnhem and Pergine Spettacolo Aperto
dancers MoDem CZD: Paloma Biagioli, Carmine Caruso, Daniel Conant, Amandine Lamouroux, Gaia Occhipinti, Madison Pomarico, Francesca Santamaria, Marie Sheehy
lights: Sammy Torrisi  costumes: Debora Privitera
with the support of  MIBAC and Regione Siciliana Ass.to del Turismo, dello Sport e dello Spettacolo
in collaboration with the European network DQD Danse Qui Danse