L’altra stanza

Performers: Giovanni Leonarduzzi and Lia Claudia Latini.

Relationship with the other means getting in touch with other identities, and this is also fundamental for understanding ourselves; only through the discovery of the other can we come out of our loneliness and establish authentic relationships.

What about today? What scares us, what is on the other side?

Our quest starts from the “Aristophanes’ Discourse” contained in Plato’s Symposium. The continuous tension toward the one body, toward the physical reunion of two now divided bodies.

Ours is a journey within the couple relationship and within ourselves, aimed at a conscious search for our identity.

We would like to be able to go beyond skepticism and preconceptions, denying the formal label of a culture that imposes conventional canons and stereotypical models. Dance can offer an interpretation that can go beyond social stigma in favor of a more open mindset.

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