Magie, trucchi, fanciulle spiritate e altri rimedi contro il malcontento dilagante

Tale for voice and electronic machines


Text, music and direction by Emanuele Coco

with the participation of MoDem Atelier dancers

In a time that seems to give room only for failure and disillusionment, in a world where even Freud would have gone to the analyst, each of us is perhaps left with nothing but magic. The dark consequences of inhibition and sadness stroll through our minds. With covered faces they murmur their curses. But a way out is possible. Through philosophy, music, love and other luminous eventualities that gravitate to the lives of wizards and spirited maidens.

ADMISSION: single ticket 7.00 euros
CARD FIC 4 shows: 25.00 euro / choice of 2 shows 7.00 euro + 2 shows 10.00 euro