Spettacolo in abbonamento




Maria Taglioni on the ground

CollettivO CineticO

80 minuts


In a white limbo, like a fashion show, a collection of insects, a classic ballet. Romanticism beyond the contemporary and its conceptualisms, cooled and made incandescent by an air of piercing and distant quotation, dedication and oxymoron, a journey into the body that exhibits itself up to the extreme aseptic and ascetic nudity. Sylphidarium recalls that ballet that was at the origin of romantic dance. An autopsy of classical ballet, transformed and hybridized with gymnastics, acrobatics, bodybuilding and with an aerobic finale modeled on the videos of Jane Fonda, with silvery costumes, lunar, always in the white of a scene that wants to repeat the dazzling effect of the circling of tutu. A reflection on the forms of tradition to draw a mutant body, overcoming the same stereotypes of the “contemporary” genre, to venture into unexplored territories, which go beyond the etiquette of predefined forms and even that of contamination, in search of its own generative urgency of expression.


Concept, direction and choreography: Francesca Pennini | original music: Francesco Antonioni | action and creation: Simone Arganini, Margherita Elliot, Carolina Fanti, Carmine Parise, Angelo Pedroni, Francesca Pennini, Stefano Sardi, Vilma Trevisan | drawing, lights and technique: Fabio Sajiz | video: Marco Morandi | costumes design: Francesca Pennini in collaboration with the interpreters | costumes realization: Edoardo Morandi Interno Danza Ferrara | co-production: CollettivO CineticO, Théatre de Liège, Torinodanza Festival, Festival MITO, CANGO, Cantieri Goldonetta Firenze | in collaboration with: Emilia Romagna Theater Foundation, Municipal Theater Foundation of Ferrara, L’Arboreto Teatro Dimora di Mondaino | with the contribution of: ResiDance XL places and projects of residence for choreographic creations, Action of the Network Antibodies XL Network Young Dance of the author | coordinated by L’Arboreto Teatro Dimora di Mondaino | with the contribution of MiBACT and the Emilia Romagna Region


Ticket price: full €13 – reduced €10