Project by Gennaro Maione | dancer: Alessandra Sorrentino | production: Compagnia Körper.

“This work is a tribute to the cinema of Dario Argento, an author who has accompanied me for years. It began a search in depth, inside my dark and partly secret side, to reveal all the defended and guarded sensations.

I would like to transform the atmospheres created by him in his films into a dance that takes into account the body as an irreplaceable element, and the mind, the true protagonist of the different humanity he narrated.

A body that stimulates, touches and causes pleasure but can also suffocate, squeeze and kill, in a sadistic human and savage dualism, capable of telling a world of madness and loneliness.

The performer’s body will traverse all the artistic forms that characterize Dario Argento’s aesthetic: it will be tame and savage, victim and executioner, enveloped in physical pleasure and proud in its nakedness. I will try to deal with the deviations of the human mind described by him.”