Mr. Sign

T.H.E Dance Company

Artistic director: Swee Boon Kuik (Singapore/Malaysia) | Choreographer and music composer /Arrangement: Jae Duk Kim (Korea) | Lighting designer: Adrian Tan
Performers: Brandon Khoo, Ng Zu You, Klievert Jon Mendoza, Fiona Thng, Haruka Leilani Chan, Chang En | International Projects Coordinator and Tour Manager: Giulia Poli | Production Manager:  Shining Goh | Technical Manager: Terence Lau
In collaboration with cont·act Contemporary Dance Festival

Resident choreographer Jae Duk Kim’s first full-length creation for the T.H.E Dance Company, Mr. Sign, focuses on the theme of thoughts and ideas. Framed by a broader enquiry into existence and rationality, Mr. Sign examines the place of the individual in a hierarchical society, where relationships may not necessarily provide emotional satisfaction and peace of mind is only achieved through self-realisation. Ultimately, he asks whether communication is really important for human beings. The Korean choreographer is also the creator of the original music. Kim draws on a myriad of musical influences including a reworking of traditional Korean “trot music”, the Indonesian gamelan and parts of Tchaikovsky’s classic Swan Lake, to create an edgy and heartbreaking musical score for Mr.Sign.

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