Muddica, 6th edition

duration 60′

Artistic coordination Enrico Musmeci [IT].

An intense evening combining dance and music thanks to the collaboration of Scenario Pubblico

Center of Relevant National Interest of Dance and AME Associazione Musicale Etnea.

For some years now, the two structures have been collaborating in the area of young creativity, bringing young

dancers and musicians to work together on dance and live music productions

created by the young artists themselves.

Fruit of the dancers’ exploratory work on the language and repertoire of choreographer Roberto Zappalà,

in a process curated by M° Enrico Musmeci, who made a final synthesis shared by the participants,

developed on the basis of intense collegial work confirming the interest and primary objective of the artistic partnership.

Within the different “tableaux” emerge the different characters of the creators and performers in the personal

reading of the choreographic materials.


Artistic coordination Enrico Musmeci | performers Agnese Canicattì, Aida Faci LiebanaAngie Albarran, Annapia Albanese, Antonella Lo Coco, Arianna Terreno, Benedetta Agostinis, Cecilia Guglielmetti, Claudia Chiti, Daniela Mandarino, Delia Priola, Dieke De Gendt, Erika Di Mauro, Eulalie Guérin, Francesca Russo, Ginevra Cicatello, Giovanna Cartesio, Giulia Caccetta, Jessica Aiello, Marcella Di Giacomo, Maria Pia Tucci, Melania Caggeggi, Pasquale Cofone, Pietro Conti Milani, Rachele Pascale,Riccardo Paolini, Sara Mitola, Sara Martelli, Siria Cacco, William Mazzei


Ensemble Etna Contemporanea Matteo Manzitti conductor / Luca Berro flute / Federico Milazzo clarinet /

Dario Militano violin / Clelia Lavenia viola / Graziana Leonardi  cello / Andrea Scirè piano /

Danilo Galatà percussion / Nello Nicotra electric bass & Teo Russo voice in Coming Together


Musical program

Frederic Rzewski Coming together

Mauro Montalbetti Three civil songs

Riccardo Scilipoti Somewhere in my Mind

Emanuele Casale Piano Music no. 2 Things Are Born Piano no. 6 Portrait of Rain

No. 1 Study of Giant Swallows for solo piano

Matteo Manzitti Stop first performance

A Scenario Pubblico co-production of Relevant National Interest of Dance and AME Associazione Musicale Etnea

with the support of MIC Ministry of Culture and Sicilian Region Department of Tourism, Sports and Entertainment.


MODEM PRO is a master’s program aimed at already technically trained dancers and professional dancers who wish to

know and/or deepen their knowledge of the MoDem language, and who, following a selection process, are deemed suitable to develop

the language of Compagnia Zappalà Danza and to assimilate its repertoire.

The work of the MoDem PRO program is developed through a limpid analysis of the practices and gestural codes

typical of the company’s vocabulary, so that a concrete path towards the MoDem language can be started,

to deepen it and eventually bring it to the stage. The MoDem PRO program includes a full immersion

in the language of CZD lasting three months.