Spettacolo fuori abbonamento

Muddica After Seeds

MoDem PRO e Orchestra Jacaranda

The final restitution of the MoDem PRO training stages the artistic elaborations of the young dancers-the Seeds- designed to give space to their creativity: breaks of elaboration of small choreographies that are then decomposed and recomposed by the didactic director Enrico Musmeci for the evening Muddica After Seeds. From 2017 the evening is organized in collaboration with the AME Associazione Musicale Etnea, the creations are born from the collaboration between the young dancers of MoDem PRO and the musicians of Jacaranda – Piccola Orchestra Giovanile dell’Etna, directed by Puccio Castrogiovanni.
MoDem, acronym of Democratic Movement, is the language that Roberto Zappalà has developed with his company in 28 years of career and it’s the basis of the MoDem PRO path, scheduled annually from August to December and intended for professional dancers or semi-professionals selected through auditions in different European cities.


choreography and interpretation: the dancers of the course MoDem PRO and MoDem CZD, young collective of the
Compagnia Zappalà Danza | original music (performed live): 
Jacaranda – Piccola Orchestra Giovanile dell’Etna directed by: Puccio Castrogiovanni |artistic coordination: Enrico Musmeci |co-production: Scenario Pubblico/Compagnia Zappalà Danza e AME – Associazione Musicale Etnea