NOTHING. Nel nome del padre, del figlio e della libertà.


Direction and choreography: Michela Lucenti | dramaturgy: Balletto Civile | created by and starring Attilio Caffarena, Maurizio Camilli, Loris De Luna, Maurizio Lucenti, Michela Lucenti, Alessandro Pallecchi, Matteo Principi, Emanuela Serra, Giulia Spattini | creation assistant: Ambra Chiarello | sound design: Guido Affini | lights: Stefano Mazzanti | lighting assistant: Chiara Calfa | sets and costumes: Alessandro Ratti, Balletto Civile | a production: Balletto Civile, Teatro degli Impavidi (Sarzana), Estate Teatrale Veronese Comune di Verona | in collaboration with: ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione and with Dialoghi/Residenze delle Arti Performative Villa Manin Codroipo | with the support of: MIC, Ministry of Culture.

The new performance by Michela Lucenti and Balletto Civile, based on King Lear by William Shakespeare, which in the hands of the collective is transformed into a sharp, angular choreographic dramaturgy, capable of inserting itself like a wedge in the folds of reality, a physical duel between body and word, movement and stage space.

The starting point of the work is the legacy of the fathers, whose weight on personal choices is analysed, the need to repudiate it and at the same time to feed on it in order to refound one’s own identity. The imagery of the fathers contaminates the needs and expectations of the children, nostalgia is transformed into a forward-looking impetus, while dance – eclectic, in solos, in pairs or in groups, explosive or chilled out in stylised movements – acts as a glue, proposing itself, in the end, as a regenerating element.