One, a hundred, a thousand Giselles

Archival tribute to the Giselles of today

realized by Paolo Cirelli
for Cro.me – Chronicle and Memory of the Spectacle

On the occasion of the FIC Festival and the ‘Giselle’ performances at the Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania.

The myth of Giselle has spanned the centuries and still represents a poetic, ethical,
musical and especially choreographic content that belongs to everyone: a shared archetype of betrayal
suffered and extreme sacrifice for love. Giselle therefore is also a young woman our
contemporary, and among the many choreographers who have wanted to re-propose her story in the manner
of their own time, the Swedish Mats EK (1982), the Anglo-
Bengali Akram Khan (2016) and South African Dada Masilo (2017).
To their diverse and touching Giselles we dedicate this short archival tribute, a tribute to
all the Giselles of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

(looping video projection)

the video will be viewable:

  • in the foyer of the Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania during ‘Giselle’ performance times, for ticket holders
  • at Scenario Pubblico, free admission, during opening hours for the evening performances of FICfest