Scenario danza 2020/21

Panopticon / NanoFestival – WEEK END 1

TEMPO | HyABc-20

12 special supervised dances

Each evening (Fri-Sat-Sun) will have two shifts: the first 19: 30/20: 30, the second 21: 00/22:00.

First performance

Tempo (time)

Compagnia Petranuradanza

Duration: 12 minutes

production Company Petranuradanza – Megakles Ballet | choreography Salvatore Romania and Laura Odierna | dancer Salvatore Romania

What is freedom? Are we able to understand it, to define it, to explain it? It is easy to take it for granted if nobody has ever taken it from us. The more we try to rationalize it, the more we chain it and create rigid boundaries. We dream of freedom, but we want security. So as a painter immortalizes a splendid landscape within a frame, so we tend to imprison freedom in discipline. But freedom is not dogma, it has no certainties and does not give any. It is possibility not obligation. Freedom contemplates doubt, error.

Freedom is full of impulses, and its boundaries are subtle, mobile. It is a virus from which every human being wishes to be infected. Perhaps in this sort of conditioned freedom, which violently disturbs this time, we manage to perceive its essence in its absence.

Second performance


For masked interpreter only

Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bertoni

Duration: 10 minutes

choreography and dancers Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bertoni

Created in the laboratory as the name of the son of Canadian businessman Elon Musk (X Æ A-12), the abbreviation is our new chemical choreographic formula for the survival of the theater in times of pandemic. The acronym HyABc-20, is formed by the idioms of the new artistic project (Hyenas), of our identity as flock (AB) and by a pandemic allusion. It is pronounced “Aiebisituenti”.