Scenario Danza 2020/21

Panopticon / NanoFestival – WEEK END 2

Panopticon / NanoFestival – WEEK END 2

12 special supervised dances

Each evening (Fri-Sat-Sun) will have two shifts: the first 19: 30/20: 30, the second 21: 00/22:00.

First performance

Moritz Ostruschnjak (awaiting detailed info)

Second performance

Autunno in mi minore

Samir Calixto

Duration: 12 minutes

choreography Samir Calixto | dancers Samir Calixto and Camilla Montesi

In this short duet, created specifically for the Parnopticon / NanoFestival, the idea of ​​melancholy in combination with the external and internal landscapes – so present in the musical works of Dvòrâk – serves as a basis for the events on stage. A direct, sometimes abstract, relationship with music takes place, proposing a performance in which combined music and dance enhance the subtleties underlined in the compositions.

Third performance

Unknown Woman


choreography Mauro Astolfi | interpreter Maria Cossu | lights Marco Policastro | music AAVV | production Spellbound with the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism – Production 2020 part of the Spellbound project 25.

Unknown Woman is a serious and imaginary story at the same time, it is a collector of memories and thoughts of what happened with an important artist in 20 years of collaboration and sharing. Over the past 20 years, you and I have grown accustomed to telling us some secret things through movements, healthy carriers of truth, a messy section where I had to read and reread notes to understand the woman and the artist. Maybe we understood each other only in a rehearsal room and on the stage of a theater, but how do you understand an artist? chasing it was only possible with your eyes and heart, every other way confuses you even more and every time you have to almost start again from the beginning, as we would come back and ask for the name for the first time. I don’t know where the imagination ends and how much I have learned from her in these 20 years. As strangers we are still in the room, we observe each other, we give each other and we steal things, but we know each other well and for this we still walk together. (Mauro Astolfi)