Choreography by: Andrea Gallo Rosso (IT)

by and with: Andrea Gallo Rosso | produced by: MORSE/ Andrea Gallo Rosso

Ombre di Pièce per 5 plays on the double meaning of the French word ‘pièce’, which has both a meaning related to numbers – like, a piece of art or a piece of bread… – and a meaning related to housing – like, a room in a house, in a flat. Ideally the ‘pièce’ we refer to in this project is a place inhabited, in a broad sense, by people who can choose more or less freely to live together…
What are the new rules that must be established in order to create internal harmony? How to value each individual living there?

Nowadays, due to the socio-economical situation, a large number of people is moving around the world in massive migrating flows. Its direct consequence in our society is a surging sense of fear and conflict which emerges during the encounter between communities and refugees. Indeed, each meeting with the unknown carries by itself a conflictual aspect, which in turn can lead to violence. The peace scholar Johan Galtun “connects structural violence with the political domination of one social group over others (elitism, ethnocentrism, racism, and also with class, gender, or age-related suppression and etc.), where a regime restricts individuals from realizing their full potential.”

In Ombre di Pièce per 5 my intepretation of Galtung Theory become a dramaturgical line. A question become clear, which collects the need for the other’s understanding and push us along the changes that everyone lives: what is your dream to achieve?


MORSE association wants to investigate our society. PostProduzione # LAB was born from the desire to start an artistic research on themes that are important in order to understand nowdays, CONFLICT and MEMORY. The laboratories has been re-produced in 4 Italian Regions (in Piedmont at Lavanderia a Vapore di Collegno in with INTERPLAY and Piemonte dal Vivo, and in Verbania in collaboration with CROSS Residence; in  Lazio at Settimo / Cielo residency; in Sardinia supported by CEDAC Sardegna – multidisciplinary circuit; in Sicily for Scenario Pubblico) and abroud (at the Habana Vieja Festival 2018 in collaboration with copmany DT Retazos). 

Today Moving Closer is it he program study of MaDIS, the first University Master in dance and social inclusion, organized by the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in collaboration with Sardinia’s Associazione Enti Locali and others importans regional organization.

Andrea Gallo Rosso was born in 1979. He started his journey as an author thanks the scouting action by Mosaico Danza. He find the way to investigate our society, trought workshops aimed at socially fragile groups (elderly people, people with disabilities and asylum seekers). Following this direction, PostProduzione starts in 2015. Today, he’s been selected as artist-in-residence for his new project at the Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza Scenario Pubblico / CZD,  the project will enjoy a residency at La Factory – Theatre de L’Oulle / Avignon. Andrea has been selected for the national Vetrina della Giovane Danza d’Autore@ 2014 and 2015 and for the international networks Les Reperages 2013 and Dance Roads 2014. He was finalist at the Premio Equilibrio Roma 2014. His works have been presented in 10 foreign Countries in festivals and events. They has been relevants the co-production by the festival Oriente Occidente 2015 and the participation at Made.it / project by Torinodanza Festival in collaboration with Interplay in 2014.