Spettacolo in abbonamento - Short


Compagnia Tir Danza - MP Ideograms

Origine di

impulsi sconosciuti

creati da noi

Primitiva was born during a research based on primary elements, that inhabit inside our corporeal skeleton. It is a mnemonic journey that happens inside the oldest perception of ourself, the animal-like one, and at the same time the impetuous and fragile ones. The choreography’s score is also utopia, the unattainable hope of re-connect ourselves and discover the primordial pulses created in the very beginning from the human beings. This discovery is following through the fear that inhabits our underneath skin, when we understand that we are fulfill of an unknown nature, or perhaps a nature that we have lived just with our intuition for a lust of a second.   The research of this solo recall to a very far temporality form ourselves and link to an ‘ensemble’ of memories strictly connected with the space that inhabits the body. This journey is necessary to achieve the authentic and pure part of us.  

Primitiva is a surrounding in a slow but constant mutation, generated by an independent time, impossible to be monitored or modified by the mankind.


choreography, dance: Manfredi Perego | music: Paolo Codognola | light design: Giovanni Garbo | production: Tir Danza | co-production: Fondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza | in collaboration with: Scenario Pubblico/CZD, Teatro delle Briciole/Solares Fondazione delle Arti, MP.ideograms, ResiDance XL | associate artist at: Scenario Pubblico/CZD