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Choreography & direction: Emio Greco, Pieter C. Scholten | Dance: Denis Bruno, Jordaine Lincoln, Hiroki Nunogaki, Dennis van Herpen | Light design: Paul Beumer en Pieter C. Scholten Costume: Clifford Portier Production: ICK Dans Amsterdam Premiere: ImpulsTanz, Vienna, August 10th 2011

Take a seat around the boxing ring where dancers turn into boxers, and boxers into dancers. Challenging each other with raunchy punches, quick footwork and virtuoso tactics will put relationships on edge. ROCCO is based on the Italian film “Rocco e i suoi Fratelli” by director Visconti. A story about brotherly love and the struggle for a better life. The dancers breathe this sibling love: good and evil, the devil and the angel, androgynous, incestuous. ROCCO presents the physically and emotionally churning bodies of boxer and dancer. ROCCO is M/F/X. Gender does not matter. Entering the ring leads to human confrontation, to intense physical and emotional surrender.