Virgilio Sieni Company

choreography and space Virgilio Sieni | interpretation Jari Boldrini, Maurizio Giunti | cello Naomi Berrill | music Johann Sebastian Bach, Naomi Berrill | lights Marco Cassini, Virgilio Sieni | animal masks Chiara Occhini | production Centro Nazionale di produzione della danza Virgilio Sieni |collaboration with AMAT & Civitanova Danza, Galleria Nazionale delle Marche | support of MIC Ministero della Cultura, Regione Toscana, Comune di Firenze, Fondazione CR Firenze


New production 2022

New production by Compagnia Virgilio Sieni featuring the two dancers Jari Boldrini and Maurizio Giunti accompanied by the music of Johann Sebastian Bach performed live on cello by Naomi Berrill. Dances on the threshold mark the space, forms of understanding and empathy that explode between Dionysian and Apollonian. The study of movement subtracts from the everyday those postures that then return in the form of another language, not form in motion but body that transcends and, like an auratic nebula, blurs between distance and proximity and operates according to an attention directed to the spatial tactility that understands us.

It may be that we have been reached by the teaching of the gesture that sprinkling slowly into the body forges it without ever appropriating it. This standing on the threshold, which might also seem to be a rebound as the restitution of something only a short time before unknown, I think can be defined, or approached, to the meaning of poetic gesture.

The Satyr, as Nietzsche tells us in The Birth of Tragedy (1872) and by sapiential reminder Giorgio Colli in The Birth of Philosophy (1975), could be the one who casts his gaze into the abyss saying yes to life: not the night but its spring.The two dancers in the performance are infected from within, invested by the contemplation directed at the similar, adjacent, symmetrical gesture.

A dance for dermatoglyphs tracing the air and a syntax that seems to refer to the embryo of the gesture that meets its like by recognizing it as different and friend.

Drawing from the background of gesture to inscribe forms of understanding and empathy that open to a musical arrangement, the dances mark the space of intoxicating matter that speaks to the body. The everyday world here takes off and separates from the enigmatic gesture that explodes between the Dionysian and the Apollonian. Once again, dance lends itself to the laboratory of life, faces desperate, titanic actions, stands on the threshold with a vigilant, mantic, divinatory attitude. But it is itself a science of being, a mirror of resonances and cognitive calls.


ADMISSION single ticket 10.00 euros
CARD FIC 4 performances: 25.00 euro / choice of 2 performances 7.00 euro + 2 performances 10.00 euro