Seeker Solo | Samir Calixto

Samir Calixto (BR / NL)


Creator: Samir Calixto
Production: Korzo (NL)
Co-production: Scenario Pubblico
Concept, choreography anda dance: Samir Calixto | choreographer’s assistant: Quentin Roger | light design: Pavla Beranovà | music: G. I. Gurdjieff / T. De Hartmann | musician: Alain Kremski

SEEKER ※ SOLO is, to date, one of Samir Calixto’s most intimate and personal works. This solo will be performed by Samir himself, and after ten years of collaboration with the Dutch Production Center Korzo it will also represent his farewell to the structure. In this piece the artist will embody the effort pursued by many: the search for truth. As an antidote to mankind’s false sense of reality, Samir uses the music of George I. Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann. Through these often meditative compositions – which derive from oriental melodies heard in the monasteries of the Middle East and Central Asia – Samir combines a vision in which spirituality touches the limits of science and ancient knowledge. Drawing from this inspirational source, the piece will address the core of Calixto’s work: a look at humans as part of a larger scheme, and as beings capable of realizing their full potential through will and vigilance, looking through the ways of body to achieve deeper knowledge. Together with visual artist and light designer Pavla Beranovà and assistant Quentin Roger, SEEKER ※ SOLO turns out to be a work with a strong visual and emotional impact, and with different sensory layers. A personal solo, made of depth and at the same time simplicity, in which the movements are the path to the most essential part that is in us.