Choreography by: Eva Klimackova & Laurent Goldring

Duration: 25 minutes

choreography: Eva Klimackova & Laurent Goldring | dance: Eva Klimackova | music: en cours | lights: Yann Le Bras | production: Compagnie E7KA, La Belle Orange | coproduction: Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza – Scenario Pubblico / Italie; Région Centre – Val de Loire/ Conventionnement 2020, Goldring productions / Paris | with the support of: Dom Kultury Myjava, Slovakia, Centre National de la Danse / Pantin, Ménagerie de verre Paris / studioLAB


Several Times explore the constraint of a body placed in a very narrow space of one corner. All investigation is based on a  body, a wall, an angle, a second wall and a floor. The body becomes a part of the corner, it incorporates this limited space to find the solutions and develop its own very particular vocabulary and strategies. Using the support of both walls, entering the angle, using own body as a support to push and to shift the weight gives a multiple possibilities of coordinations and opens the imaginary. While accepting this limitations, using very physical pushing and delaying body to the various positions, the imaginary and memories starts to reveal images and reminds cheerfully the Kafka’s Metamorphosis atmosphere. This new piece is based on the long term collaboration between Eva Klimackova and Laurent Goldring which had led to « Ouvrir le temps » (2016), somewhere between choreography and visual arts, questioning those categories.


Eva Klimackova is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Born in Slovakia, she studied in the Academy of performing Arts in Bratislava. Afterwards she moved to Paris, where she lives since 2001. She danced for many choreographers in Slovakia,  Czech republic, France and Belgium. In 2007 she founded the Company E7KA, based in France, and created the performances : Alzbeta Hlucha (2007), Alzbeta (2008), Ivanuska (2009), Touch.ed (2011), the diptych MOVE / (2014), with collaboration of Laurent Goldring “Ouvrir le temps” (2016), PURE (2017) and TRACES (2019) presented in France, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech republic, Germany, Slovenia, Latvia and Hong Kong.

Laurent Goldring is an artist who dedicated his life to visual arts, video and cinema. Following philosophy studies at the École Normale Supérieure (Paris) and City College (New York), he turned to artistic work intersecting the fields of visual arts, video, photography and cinema. His work garnered immediate interest with a personal exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in 2002. Featured in major events: Venice Biennial (Der Bau and Collective Jumps, 2016), Garage, Moscow (Collective Jumps, 2016), Le Bal (Cesser d’etre un, 2016), Jeu de Paume (Broken Loops, 2014), MOMA PS1 (La Rencontre, 2014), Gulbenkian Foundation (Sculpture mobile #4, 2002), Centre Pompidou (Expo N°26, 2002). His images from the world of dance have influenced many choreographers. He was directly involved with the creation of shows by Xavier Le Roy, Blut and Boredom, Ectoderme and Self-Unfinished (1996-1998), and by Maria-Donata d’Urso, Pezzo 0 (uno and due) (2002). He then co-signed work with Benoit Lachambre, Saskia Holbling and Louise Lecavalier the rrr… (reading readings reading) pieces, (2001), Is you me (2008) and Squatting Project (2012-2016). With Germana Civera he created Figures (2008), with Isabelle Schad, Unturtled (2009/2012), Der Bau (2013) and Collective Jumps (2014), and with Eva Klimackova, Ouvrir le temps (2016). After exhibitions at Le Bal (Paris) and Garage (Moscow), in 2017, the Palais de Tokyo exhibited a monumental installation of his body loops videos.