Choreography: Simona Bertozzi | dancers: Marta Ciappina and Viola Scaglione | a production: Balletto Teatro di Torino/MilanOltre | with the support of Lavanderia a Vapore, a residency center for dance | a project realized in the first phase with MILANoLTRE Festival.

When Marta and Viola asked me to create a duet for them, I immediately understood that my gaze had to rest on the invisible weaving of a complicity not yet revealed to me but already dense and imbued with alliances.

A desiring wake, this the matter on which I felt our perspectives join and from which I started to trace the stages of practices and visions, seeking in movement the necessary degree of presence.

Trust, necessity, well-being. Confusing time, closing one’s eyes, perceiving the origin. These were the suggestions that nourished the imaginaries and articulated the phrasing, opening gaps between presence and proximity, between what emerges and what is not given to see. In its first form of danced paintings, the work reveals the perspectives, still in progress, of two presences differently alert but both leaning toward the need to find themselves.


Choreography: Ella Rothschild | with the dancers of the Balletto Teatro di Torino | lighting design: Yoav Barel | costumes: Walter&Hamlet | assistant: Lorenzo Ferrarotto.

Timeline tells of the similarities and differences in behaviour between human beings, in relation to social conventions, and how these are perceived in different cultures. Ella Rothschild dwells on the most challenging moments people come across in the course of their lives and makes the line between what is right and what is wrong ever thinner. In her creative process, the choreographer composes with the dancers a collage of images that explore situations that alternate in each community: competitiveness, grief, curiosity, emulation, mourning, despair, sadness, anxiety, fear, madness, joy. Using abstract movement and theatrical gesture, Ella creates a language that explores the group’s personalities and relationships, succeeding in creating one big world, both wonderful and dark, that is redeemed by great self-irony.