STAU changes the experience of contemporary dance crossing the traditional theatrical frontiers to examine the relationship between the audience and the performer. A confined square stage opens out to an expansive, limitless space. Intimate, exact gestures expand into dynamic, spectacular movements – executed with exhilarating speed and precision. As Stau develops and spaces shift, the relationship between spectator and performer becomes increasingly involved and connected. Playful, humorous, moving, endearing and theatrical, STAU’s physical proximity evolves into emotional intimacy.
Coreografia Anouk Van Dijk
Musiche Robert van Heumen
Interpreti Phillipp Fricke, Birgit Gunzl, Angie Müller, Nina Wollny
Disegno luci Isabel Nielen, Koen van Oosterhout, Anouk van Dijk
Drammaturgia Jerry Remkes
Staff tecnico Jorrit Boerman Koen van Oosterhout, Anton Abbes
management Erin Coppens