Performative Speech




An idea by: Roberto Zappalà and Nello Calabrò | choreography: Roberto Zappalà | music: Claude Debussy – ‘Prélude à l’Après-midi d’un faune’ (for piano solo) -, Giuni Russo/Franco Battiato, The Beatles, Miklós Rózsa | performer: Filippo Domini | a production: Scenario Pubblico /Compagnia Zappalà Danza Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza | in co-production with: Milanoltre Festival | with the support of: MIC Ministry of Culture and Sicily Region Ass.to of Tourism, Sport and Entertainment

This moment of research is also conceived for alternative spaces and anticipates a broader project that will see its conclusion in 2024 with the staging of a single creative design that will juxtapose the Apres midi d’un faune with Ravel’s Bolero and Stravinsky’s Sacre du printemps

Just as the tale of Mallarmé’s poem passes from sleep to memory, in a ‘mental place’ where reality, dreams and desire are confused, in the same way the space where the dance takes place – the inner world of the faun – is another world where exclusion, courtship and eroticism find their own expressive space.

It is a carpet.

For many peoples, rolling out a carpet continues to be a gesture of great symbolic and practical significance. It is equivalent to bringing heaven into hell;

The carpet separates two worlds, one real and another made of dreams and desires. The carpet simultaneously separates and unites dance from what dance is not.

Just as Debussy’s musical structure, defined by the musician himself as ‘undulating, lulling, full of curved lines’ is like a carpet, with a sinuous line that recalls floral decorations.


Choreography_Alessio Di Stefano
CZD2 – Young Zappalà Dance Company

Fears, those that lead us to live and explore our darkest sides, become necessary to rediscover ourselves, to bring back that special light we have always possessed since our birth. Light that elevates to wisdom and leads to forgiveness and gratitude.


concept and choreography: Marco Laudani and Claudio Scalia | dancers: Rebecca Bendinelli, Andrea Rachele Bruno, Laura Finocchiaro, Paola Fontana, Paola Tosto, Alessandra Verona, Giulia Berretta | costumes: Theama for Dance (consultancy Giuliana Bottino) | music: Anna Caragnano and Donato Dozzy, Matsumoto Zoku, John Cage | text: Noemi Privitera | a production: Scenario Pubblico Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza | with the support of MIC Ministry of Culture and Regione Siciliana Ass. to Tourism, Sports and Entertainment.

That words create worlds, universes, galaxies and sometimes unite them together is certainly not a discovery. However, in such a large and increasingly complex social reality, the cohesive power of language must be remembered. The importance of a grammatical rule teaches us the prominence of the absolute value of closeness, even in a historical era in which it is recommended to maintain distance, at the expense of the strength of bonds, of transformation understood as evolution, of awe and wonder. We are complete even on our own, like vowels, which exist beyond triptychs. We are different when we meet, contaminating each other, changing our sound, like vowels. Together we are more, we are richer. Semivocals aspiring to the trittong.