Tastes of the Season are events designed to begin to give you a taste of sp*rt!, effectively preceding the start of the season. The weekend of Saturday, October 7 and Sunday, October 8, represents an important launch event for the billboard. Over the course of the two days, the streets and squares of the city center will be enlivened by the
urban incursions of the dancers of the MoDem PRO route for the artistic coordination of the SicilyMade Collective, and their performances will meet the parkour performances of the Parkour Family Catania group. In the spaces of Scenario Pubblico we will host a video dance review around the theme of sport, curated by our partners Coorpi (Turin) and Cro.me Cronaca e Memoria dello spettacolo (Milan), entitled “Dance and sport: neighbors.” The video “Obstacles/Opportunities,” by photographer, director and rollerblader Pietro Firrincieli, will also be presented. Concluding this weekend launch is compagniazappalàdanza2 with the performance “Melting Pot,” a work composed of interlocking fragments of productions from Roberto Zappalà’s repertoire with an unreleased part.




Saturday 7 h 17.00 /Sunday 8 h 16.00 –Via Etnea/Piazza Università (free)



DanceThlon Parade! (performance)



Parkour in the City (performance)



Saturday 7 h 19.00 /Sunday 8 h 17.00 – Scenario Pubblico (free entrance)



by Cro.me, Coorpi and Prodes Danza (videodance)



film by Pietro Firrincieli (première)




Saturday 7 h 20.45 /Sunday 8 h 19.00 – Scenario Pubblico (ticket 5 euros)


MELTING POT (performance)


creation by Roberto Zappalà





Parkour in the city

Marco Senna has been a Parkour practitioner for 13 years now and a teacher for 10. After training in London, he opened the A.s.d. Parkour Family in Catania with the aim of spreading and promoting the discipline of Parkour. After collaborating with numerous sports centers such as CUS Catania, Blue Team, Acrobatic Universe, Etnaflow, he continues the spread of the discipline through organized outdoor courses and private workshops always focused on movement. His Parkour Family was founded in 2013 with the aim of spreading the principles of the Parkour discipline in the Catania area. The idea behind Parkour in the City is to blend Parkour and Dance in unison in the urban environment, mixing dance steps, acrobatics and jumps to music, seeking an almost perfect harmony with the environment around us.


Dancethlon Parade!

artistic coordination: SicilyMade Collective | MoDem PRO dancers | production Scenario Pubblico Centro di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale | with the support of MiC Ministero della Cultura and Regione Siciliana Assessorato del Turismo, Sport e Spettacolo Urban dance actions by MoDem Pro dancers, led by the SicilyMade Collective artists, will accompany in sp*rt! theme the Parkour Family performances.



Selection of videodance edited by Cro.me – Chronicle and Memory of the Spectacle and Coorpi – Dance in 1 Minute | an action of Prodes Danza with the contribution of MIC Ministry of Culture “Confirming and adhering to the claim that dance is not a sport, nevertheless the connections, contacts, overlaps, and interferences are more than evident and frequent. In this brief review of films, we have deliberately left out images of sports disciplines that have recently developed an important choreographic aspect in their performances – by way of example figure skating, synchronized swimming, gymnastics etc. – but we have consistently directed our choices toward those authors who in very different ways have referred to some aspect of more or less well-known sports, or rather to the social phenomenon of mass sports or to sports as simple amateur practice. A neighborly look, sometimes surprised, sometimes poetic and why not, even comical.”
Enrico Coffetti, President Cro.Me


Video directed by Pietro Firrincieli | filming by Pietro Firrincieli, Manuel Carlone and Matteo Caligiore | performers: Maud De La Purification, Pietro Firrincieli and Manuel Carlone.

The title refers to process, practice and life. As the opposition between two forces is lanature of life itself, everything falls under the same universal laws. Gravity and Verticality. Entropy and Order. Feminine and Masculine. The friction between the two forces, seeking a constantly changing point of balance, can produce a third quality. A point in motion. Who witnesses this? A reality where space becomes body and time becomes presence. Who witnesses this? The pyramid floats above the sphere. Who witnesses it? Silence.


Melting Pot

choreography: Roberto Zappalà | music: Lautari, Gustav Mahler, Salvo Farruggio | artistic coordination: Silvia Oteri and Fernando Roldan Ferrer | performers: Benedetta Agostinis, Siria Cacco, Melania Caggegi, Pietro Conte Milani, Rebecca Bendinelli, Andrea Rachele Bruno, Paola Fontana, William Mazzei, Paola Tosto, Alessandra Verona | lights: Sammy Torrisi “Melting Pot” composed in 2010 is a work that, as the title itself says, brings together some fragments of different creations that have been made over time by Roberto Zappalà, in particular “74bpm” from “I am beautiful” (2016) production for his company, “I’m a good cook. Spaghetti anybody?” (2004) for
the Swedish company Norrdans, and one more part, specially created. The idea is the emancipation of the work that from time to time is challenged through new choreographic interventions designed for the dancers of the moment, a “melting pot” always work in progress.
“In addition to elaborating new parts, some scenes from old works have been recovered and reworked bringing a new and fresh gesturality, the result of a renewed physical confrontation. Visionary images, interrupted spaces, poetic gestures to walk a path made of gestural measure but also of its opposite. A résumé born a few years ago but that with each take is drained of the past and flooded with the future.”
Roberto Zappalà