»tempus fugit«


concept and choreography: Toula Limnaios | music: Ralf R. Ollertz | dance and creation: Daniel Afonso, Leonardo D’Aquino, Francesca Bedin, Laura Beschi, Priscilla Fiuza, Alessio Scandale, Hironori Sugata, Karolina Wyrwal | lights: Felix Grimm | sets and costumes: Antonia Limnaios, Toula Limnaios | assistant to choreography: Ute Pliestermann | lights and technique: Domenik Engemann, Jan Römer.

The all too human desire for happiness is deeply rooted in ‘tempus fugit’. Nietzsche saw it embodied in a herd of grazing animals, living entirely in the now, a state for which he envied them, having neither past nor future.

The dancers move continuously as a group, as a flowing unit. A round dance as one shared movement that nevertheless at times reveals the individual.

Nothing lasts forever – the flow of time cannot be held back.

But how do we really live in it? Has the hustle and bustle of everyday life consumed us all? Compared to the hustle and bustle of our lives, the horde resembles a muscle, brimming with vitality and solidarity. Mass and identity, power and momentum are its central phenomena: the group as a microcosm that frees us from the prison of isolation and unleashes new strength.