choreographer: Helge Letonja
dancer: Ibrahima Biyae, I-Fen Lin, Virginia Gimeno Folgado, Kossi Sébastien Aholou-Wokawui, Konan Dayot, Médoune Seck
technician: Timo Reichenberger

THE DESERT is the last part of the trilogy DisPLACING Future, created by the choreographer and artistic director of steptext dance project, Helge Letonja. The subject of this ensemble dance piece is more than ever an issue: motifs and tangible results of social and individual transformation and migration processes, inclusion and exclusion of people in the tensional field of current cultural losses and visions. After the departure of THE BOG FOREST and the travelling of THE DRIFT, THE DESERT explores possible leeways of the uncertain after arriving. In a “deserted” space between “not anymore” and “not yet”, the dancers from five different countries combine their heterogenic impulses within the attempt to form fugitive connections, figures, constellations. The soundscapes of Roberto Merdzo, quote sounds of very different cultures. Waltz, the riff of a bass played live, synthetic gusts of wind hit comic masks and chimeras, oblivious hybrids of human and animal.