Totemica – liturgia della dispersione.

This work is the meeting point between the last two choreographics piece, Primitiva and Anemoi. Come from the suggestion of the pandemic period. Totemica is a piece that speak about a god the lose his space, his world. Pure energy without surround.



Born in Parma in 1981. After practicing various sports such as judo, Thai boxing and soccer, he began studying contemporary dance at the age of 17 in his mother’s school.

In 2002 he is a fellow at the Academy Island dance conducted by Carolyn Carlson.
In 2014 he founded MP.ideograms and won the Equilibrio Prize with the only “Graphics of Silence”. In 2015 he debuted at the Equilibrio Festival with “Dei crinali” and, the same year, he made his debut with “Horizon” at the Showcase of the Young Dance in Ravenna. In 2016 he

participated in the “VITA NOVA”, a Venice Biennale project with the first chapter of the “Primitiva”, that continued in 2017 at the Public Scenario of Catania with the dancers of the MoDem. In 2017 he won the GD’A Giovane Danza D’Autore. 

From 2015 Manfredi Perego is supported by TIR Danza. Since 2017 work like Teacher choreographer with Balletto Teatro di Torino.