from an idea by Roberto Zappalà


Viva la mamma

choreography: Gioia Morisco | dancer: Gioia Morisco | music: Ricardo Sonis | production: Scenario Pubblico | with the support by: h(habita)t – Rete di Spazi per la Danza/ Almadanza | in collaboration with: Crexida/Fienile Fluò e Leggere Strutture Art Factory

Viva la mamma is a dance solo, a journey into the feminine and the mysteries of creation. Is it possible to investigate through the movement the delicate and at the same time shocking adventure of becoming a mother? Through euphoric peaks and dynamic moments, the performer tries to translate the universal and daily difficulties of a young mother. She deals with tiredness, sleepless nights and endless crying of his baby and then, overcoming the storm, she will discover the wonder.

Gioia Morisco (IT) is a freelance dancer, a dance teacher and a young choreographer. She holds a degree in philosophy from the University of Bologna and the Sorbonne in Paris, a diploma in contemporary dance from the Pier Lombardo Academy in Milan and a master’s degree from the Arsenale Danza at the Venice Biennale with Ismael Ivo. She has worked with severe artists such as Ismael Ivo, Kenji Takagi, Geyvan McMillen, Tan Temel Istanbul Dance Theater, Josè Navas Compagnie Flak, Daniel Lèveillé, Inaki Azpillaga, Ryuzo Fukuhara, Jasmeen Godder, Itzik Galili and with Manfredi Perego, TirDanza. He danced with Cie Artemis / Monica Casedei (2010/2015). Since 2013 she works with Roberto Zappalà for CZD. Since 2010 he has taught contemporary dance lessons at AFI, a professional dance course at Reading Structures in Bologna, under the artistic direction of Brigel Gjoka.

Ricardo Sonis (FR) is a French Brazilian sound designer and composer graduated from the INA Institut National de Audiovisuel in France. He creates sound experiments, collaborations and installations for modern art exhibitions (Maurilio Giacomo Milone, Viviana Santanello). He has produced albums for various artists and musical genres of jazz, blues, rock, baroque guitar, opera and sacred music (Kepa Blues, La Femme, Agatino Scuderi, Sicilian Lyric Choir). He composed the soundtrack of a contemporary dance show (Être-Maud de la Purification) and has been collaborating for some years with the young choreographer Gioia Morisco.


Tre Lune

by: Claudia Rossi Valli / Natiscalzi DT | with: Claudia Rossi Valli, Graziella Mattioli | with the artistic collaboration of: Tommaso Monza

On the scene two female bodies. One is a dancing body, the other is discovering movement. One is a daughter, the other mother. Two women. Thirty years of difference. The reflection of the choreographic play focuses on the changeability of the body, on abandonment to the sequencing of nature: the body reflects on itself, on its genealogy, on its becoming and then changing. Starting from an archetypal image, that of the Triple Goddess, which encompasses the three phases of the moon and life (new moon, full moon, waning moon), the Tre Lune performance is an awareness, a training journey for investigate one’s being woman through the female figures who preceded us and will follow us. We look for a dance made of distant gestures learned from a constant imprinting: imitation as emulation; the opposition as a rebellion.

Natiscalzi Danza Teatro is the staff resulting from the creative path shared between Tommaso Monza and Claudia Rossi Valli started already in 2012. Natiscalzi DT signs the shows: “Mary’s Bath”, winner of the critics’ prize of the Palio Poetico ErmoColle 2015; “The Nutcracker”, winner of the tender for Choreographic Residences Lavanderia a Vapore, and selected by CID Cantieri Oriente Occidente 2017; “Gabriel” selected by Teatri del Sacro 2017; “The Girls” produced by Public Scenario / CZD; “All the Sun of Today”, finalist at Direction Under 30 2019-Teatro Sociale Gualtieri. Natiscalzi DT’s activities are supported by: Steam Laundry, Public Scenario / CZD, Naked Scene, Anghiari Dance Hub, CID Shipyards, Life Theaters, IDRA Residences, Stalker theater, Teatro Due Mondi.

Claudia Rossi Valli graduated as a dancer at the Paolo Grassi School in Milan and deepened her studies in Europe and the USA, studying among others with Compagnia Abbondanza / Bertoni (IT), the William Forsythe Company (D), Retina Dance Company (UK ), Ampersandance Youth Company (UK), Compagnia Tiziana Arnaboldi (CH). She wins a scholarship for the American Dance Festival 2012 (NYC, USA) where she is selected to dance with the Shen Wei Dance Arts company. She has been a dancer of Compagnia Zappalà Danza since 2015 and Compagnia abbondanza / Bertoni since 2016. She has pursued her own path as an author since 2012, participating in numerous national festivals and in 2016 he founded the company Natiscalzi DT with Tommaso Monza.