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Trespass_Tales of the Unexpected

Photo:Margherita Masè, Spazio Mensa, Roma | Concept: Marta Olivieri | Coreography: Loredana Canditone ,Vera Borghini | Original sounds: Marta Olivieri | Sound Design: Filippo Lilli | Styling: Adelina Giulia | Tale: Marta Olivieri, Camilla Guarino | Sound dramaturgy: Giuseppe Comuniello | Tutor: Dalila D’amico | Outer eye: Chiara Bresani, Giuseppe Vincent Giampino | Production: Marta Olivieri – Chiasma/Orbita|Spellbound- Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza | With the contribution of MIC- Ministero della Cultura | Supported by Ostudio

Trespass_Tales of the Unexpected borrows the structure of Trespass_Processing an emerging choreography to generate perceptual multiplication. Thinking of accessibility as an integration and amplification of reception, in this version the work can be seen and can be heard. A choreography and a narrative, both created in their extemporaneity. The multiplication of access allows the work to manifest itself in multiple and communicating forms. The choice of multiplying and overlapping, two voices narrating one body, returns a complexity that Trespass wishes to bring out. The point of view is not univocal; it is already shifted. The aim is to bring a description of the real and at the same time an alteration of it. The intention is to generate a vision that exists only for that choreography and only for that narrative. To lead the viewer and the listener to
wonder what the narrative actually is if not an excuse to imagine an elsewhere. Trespass_Tales of the Unexpected creates a narrative that is both accessible to a blind ,visually impaired and sighted audience. It subverts the planes of reality, fantasy, power, and access. From a technical point of view, it amplifies perceptual sensitivities through a sound spatialization that restores an amniotic environment in which voices, noises, gestures and music merge.


A training project to make practitioners and artists aware of accessible practices found in live performance for people with visual impairments. In particular, we will explore the practice of audio description of dance.
Camilla Guarino and Giuseppe Comuniello have been going to the theater together for many years, mostly to see dance performances. Giuseppe is a blind performer, Camilla a performer and playwright. Combining daily experience as spectators, dancers and playwrights, they have been collaborating for the past year to create live audio poetic descriptions of dance performances.
In the workshop, the process of creating audio descriptions related to the performance Trespass will be traced.