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Trittico Pina Bausch | Pina | Dance Attack W

Photo Giuseppe Distefano



The sudden death of Pina Bausch, on June 30, 2009, found the Tanztheater Wuppertal company in Spoleto, to present at the Festival dei Due Mondi her penultimate creation, Bamboo blues, a choreography made in 2007 and dedicated to India, according to that method of urban reconnaissance for portraits-tributes to the cities of the world, capable of revealing inner scenarios, splinters of a portion of the world that tell about the man of every latitude. The show was regularly staged, in an evening of painful and palpable emotion, in memory of the great artist and, inevitably, was perceived as her final farewell.

Giuseppe Distefano’s shots are an emotional and stirring account of the performance, but they also manage to convey the unrepeatable atmosphere of that evening, in which the expressiveness of the “dancers” spoke first and foremost to their teacher and creator. The exhibition also features a selection of stage photos of the great artist’s two absolute masterpieces, Café Muller and Le Sacre du Printemps.


image review of yesterday and today.

Tributes to the figure of Pina Bausch have continued since 2009, the year of her passing, without interruption around the world, yet there is always a need to pass on her memory particularly to the younger generation. On this double track of past and future, of memory and projection in regard to a great artist and a great human adventure that continues to this day, we have chosen in collaboration with the PRODES dance project, to design a Bausch focus that will propose elements of the past alongside her more recent and innovative image of the present.


a selection of testimonials, video interviews and documentaries on the figure of Pina Bausch.


First national presentation with ZED Festival in Bologna of a selection of the virtual reality installation “NOW FICTION” commissioned by the Pina Bausch Center Wuppertal on the occasion of the Under Construction Wuppertal Festival.  A project conceived and directed by Fabien Prioville featuring some of his dancers and Pina Bausch’s own Company (Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch) as performers.

Filmed and set in the official seat of Pina Bausch’s memory, it offers a way of experiencing theater, space, physicality, dance and history in a perception that is both physical and virtual. The audience is offered the opportunity to simultaneously navigate two different levels of reality.


Portraits of women, in their sensual uniqueness.

Curated by Enrico Musmeci.

Dance party with performance curated by Enrico Musmeci and the dancers of CZD2 young company zappalà danza, with the aim of enhancing contemporary dance in urban spaces, a hymn to the beauty of the body, communicating and disruptive that contaminates the city with positive energy.

The dancing bodies are shaped, unpredictable, on the urban body of our Catania, proposing suggestion and enchantment of movement, among the squares, streets and cloisters, jewels of our historical Baroque architecture.

Dance accessible to all for its empathetic impact, presented by the young performers of CZD2, whom you will find again at Scenario Pubblico throughout the season with many other events.