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Un poyo rojo

Coreography: Luciano Rosso, Alfonso Baron | director: Hermes Gaido | performers: Luciano Rosso e Alfonso Barón | Production: Compañia Poyo Rojo, Carnezzeria srls

An explosive show, combining comedy and emotion, combining theater, dance and acrobatics, and which has exceeded 1400 performances on several continents.In the locker room of a gymnasium two men face each other, almost two fighting roosters, scrutinizing, squaring off, provoking, and seducing each other. It is a tale of a love match between dance, acrobatics and comedy. Un Poyo Rojo is a provocation, an invitation to laugh at ourselves by exploring the full range of physical and spiritual possibilities of the human being. Un Poyo Rojo is a “phenomenon show”: created in the suburbs of Buenos Aires fifteen years ago now, it has been staged without interruption in much of the world ever since. Presented in more than 30 countries, with an average of 120 performances a year, it enjoys an international enthusiasm that does not wane with each passing year. It was born in 2008, at a time when a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Argentina was under consideration. At the time, society was sharply divided, animated by passionate debates, in loud, even violent contradiction. A Poyo Rojo was born in this context and was immediately seen as an opposition to any form of imposition and coercion by a benighted society.The aesthetic and narrative freedom of the work is reason for the international enthusiasm it arouses and continues to arouse. It is amazing to see how the most diverse audiences, by gender, age, social status, urban, rural…embrace it.