Fic Fest

Untitled / Etre

Two different choreographies, specially created by guest choreographers for MoDem CZD the young ensemble of Compagnia Zappalà Danza: Untitled by the couple Daniela Bendini and Moritz Ostruschnjak and a preview of Etre by Maud de la Purification, which will première in September at the MilanOltre Festival




choreography Daniela Bendini and Moritz Ostruschnjak

a production by Scenario Pubblico CZD

The choreographer as copyist. Moritz Ostruschnjak and Daniela Bendini have imposed a rule on themselves for UNTITLED: No element of the performance may be original. Every movement, every sound, every image is an “objet trouvé” from the web/internet. From contemporary choreography to Harlem Shake, from Dubstep to shampoo advertising – everything is mixed, re-organized and recombined. A dance mashup, a bastard pop out of 1000 thefts that poses the question of artistic authorship in the digital age.



preview – worldpremière 29th Septepmber 2019 for the MilanOltre Festival (Milan)

choreography Maud de la Purification | assistant Pietro Firrincieli | costumes Lauren Victoria Steel

a production by Scenario Pubblico CZD

A quiet beholder in contemplation of an infinite space

He is the maker of the initial vibration

Which gave birth to a peaceful microcosm.

Travelling time, the harmony of that world has been replaced by a background noise

of streaming thoughts.

Forces, devoid of order, have turned into conflictual and manipulative dynamics.

His presence will bring balance back



full ticket 10 euros / reduced 8 euros (under 23, over 65, students)