Dance Attack


October 17, 2019

Dance Attack

Urban Woods

urban spaces


choreographer  Manfredi Perego [IT]

assistan choreographer  Silvia Oteri, drammaturgical consultant Chiara Montalbani 

dancers CZD2 giovane compagnia zappalà danza and MoDem PRO


a production by SPCZD

For the season ScenarioDanza 2019/20 the associated choreographer Manfredi Perego is involved in the Primitiva | Urban Woods project, creating site specific performances and a new creation for the CZD2 giovane compagnia zappalà danza. The work will be realized during the period of residence in Scenario Pubblico, and focussed on site specifc elements and the interaction with the external environment: source of stimuli and necessary device for a reconnection with the natural element and a reflection on human modifications on the landscape.

Urban Woods is the last step of the Primitiva project, a choreographic research on the primary elements that inhabit corporeity, a journey into the most ancient perception of oneself, animalistic and at the same time impulsive and fragile. Taken in 2012 and developed also thanks to training and practice sessions in unusual environments, such as woods and forests, the path of the choreographer from Parma has already given birth to several choreographic works.

During his residency, Perego will work with the dancers of the young ensemble CZD2 and with the dancers of the MoDem Pro program to create different site specific performances and research and experiment with languages and choreographic structures. The starting point of the research is the reflection on the connection between the human being and the tree, as a sacred figure, who lives a different time, with unknown and fascinating illogical and dynamic forms.